Golf Performance Clinic

Golf_Training_PT_PSJHCWhen it comes to golf, adding yards to your game and improving joint mobility and stability are top priorities when creating a consistent and powerful swing. We help professional, collegiate and recreational golfers of all ages and skill levels identify physical and biomechanical limitations so they can enhance their athleticism and optimize overall golf performance. We also work with golfers recovering from injury to get them back on the course at full strength.

By utilizing advanced technology, physical therapy techniques, specialized equipment and expertise, we can provide golfers with a personalized analysis and individualized treatment plan to gain the confidence, strength and mobility to improve their game.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of individual 3D biomechanics to determine areas of dysfunction
  • Assessment of functional joint mobility, muscle activation and joint stability
  • Video analysis of movement and swing
  • Coordination with your golf pro to improve swing mechanics for your body type
  • Use of the TRUEStretch Cage to improve mobility and stability of relevant golf positions
  • Development of a training program that includes an exercise plan and complete game warm-up for home and the course

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 310-829-8274.