Center for Knee Replacement

The Center for Knee Replacement at Providence Saint John’s specializes in rapid recovery for our patients.   Under the direction of Andrew Yun, M.D., it has become a leading knee replacement program in Los Angeles and is the recipient of the highest awards for safety and quality.  It is among the Top 5% in the Nation for Joint Replacement for four years in a row and a Five-Star Recipient for Total Knee Replacement for five years in a row.

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Total knee replacement treats painful knees by eliminating bone-on-bone contact and replacing arthritic surfaces with highly polished metal and plastic. The remaining normal bone, ligaments, and muscle are preserved. The operation generally takes an hour. In the end, a virtually pain-free gliding surface is restored.

Recovery today occurs much more quickly. Progress in postoperative recuperation is due to several technical changes in the surgery. Rather than cutting the muscle and tendon in half, surgeons now preserve the muscle by pushing it to the side. The muscle starts working again right after surgery, and the patient starts walking the same day.Clearly, not cutting the muscle has a direct and immediate benefit. Clinical studies demonstrate not only a faster return of muscle function, but also a lasting improvement in range of motion.

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