Center for Hip and Knee Replacement

Drs. Andrew Yun and Benjamin Bengs continue to build on a 30 year legacy of world class joint replacement care at Providence Saint John’s Hospital. The Center for Hip and Knee Replacement is dedicated to the comprehensive surgical care for hip and knee reconstruction. Our center has flourished for decades under nationally recognized joint replacement leaders, Andrew Yun, MD, Joel Matta, MD and John Moreland, MD. Their commitment to quality care has resulted in Providence Saint John’s being a nationally recognized joint replacement institute, receiving numerous awards for clinical excellence in patient care.

At Providence Saint John’s, we offer state-of-the-art joint reconstruction including:

Providence Saint John’s performs more than 2,000 procedures annually, and our patients are returning to activities they formerly thought would be impossible. The small, nearly private setting of the orthopedic unit enables patients to feel at ease with their complete recovery. At Providence Saint John’s, we are engaged with our patients’ care, including excellent nursing and physical therapy care, and dedicated medical doctor hospital observation. We also offer a free preoperative patient education program about total joint surgery where patients can learn the exercises that will recover and smoothly transition back to their normal day-to-day routine.

Awards in patient care excellence

Providence Saint John’s Health Center has consistently received rewards for being top in the nation for both hip and knee replacements from leading quality ratings organizations like US News & World Report. 

Patient Stories

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See more patient testimonial videos ›

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