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Pregnancy is an exciting, joyful event in your life. The obstetricians at Providence Saint John’s Health Center know just how important every minute of this miraculous time is to you and your growing family. We encourage all of our OB-GYNs to hold maternal safety in the highest regard as they develop a true partnership with you based on respect and a deep understanding of your unique pregnancy and childbirth needs. When you choose an OB-GYN from Providence Saint John’s Health Center, you can be confident you’re beginning a relationship that’s based on trust, shared decision making, and medical excellence. You and your baby are safe in our hands. Find an OBGYN ›PSJHOBPillars

This is your pregnancy, your moment. Partner with someone who honors the kind of journey you want – and who offers the kind of care you need.

Every baby who enters the world at McAlister Women’s Health Center will be treated like royalty by our doctors, nurses and other providers. Here, we don’t just care for people, we care about them. Providence Saint John’s Health Center has been the trusted source for new beginnings for more than 70 years. 

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Maternity Services

  • Comfortable rooms
    We house large, thoughtfully designed rooms for labor and delivery, as well as recovery. In addition, we have C-section suites and deluxe suites for postpartum recovery. Take a virtual tour ›
  • Personalized birthing plans
    Whether your birth plan includes a doctor, midwife or doula, we’ll support you throughout this important journey. Our skilled nursing staff will be by your side, ensuring your comfort and safety from the minute you arrive. Meanwhile, certified lactation specialists offer breastfeeding education and free support groups.
  • Nitrous oxide
    In addition to epidurals, we are the only hospital on the Westside to offer nitrous oxide during labor. This colorless, tasteless gas is inhaled via a mask, providing you a less invasive option for managing pain. Unlike an epidural, nitrous oxide allows you full mobility during all stages of labor.
  • Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
    In the event that your newborn requires special attention, you can take comfort in knowing Saint John’s has a NICU staffed by physicians from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. NICU virtual tour ›
  • Couplet care
    After your baby is born, he or she will stay by your side as long as you like to promote uninterrupted bonding. Our spacious rooms accommodate loves ones who are eager to meet new arrivals.

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