Nuclear Medicine

Providence Saint John’s Nuclear Medicine Department is fully digital and provides remote access to images and reports via the Web. The department is staffed with highly-experienced physicians and technologists that provide state-of-the-art nuclear imaging and therapy along with exceptional patient care. Located conveniently on the ground floor of Saint John’s, Nuclear Medicine’s expedient digital imaging and voice-to-text reporting system allows diagnostic reporting to be sent to the ordering physician in only a few hours.

Providence Saint John’s was recently selected as a GE Center of Excellence for brain imaging because it offers both DaTscan™ and the advanced SPECT technology required to perform the new procedure. Providence Saint John’s is one of the only facilities in the area to offer DaTscans.

Nuclear Imaging Services:

  • Spec Brain Scan
    1. Dementia
    2. Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Sentinel node detection
  • Radioiodine therapy
  • Gallbladder function
  • Treadmill stress
  • Lexiscan myocardial perfusion scans
  • Spect Brain DaTscan™

Fast imaging report turnaround time – improved access to information

Instant voice recognition
Once an image study is performed by a technologist, the images are interpreted and “read” into the PowerScribe system by a radiologist. PowerScribe is a voice-to-text system that allows radiologists to immediately review, edit and sign their reports.

After they are signed, the reports are available in Meditech and auto-faxed to the referring physician within minutes. Since the system was implemented, turnaround time has dropped from 24 hours to an average of 1.5 hours.

Synapse PACS viewing
Physicians can view the images either within the hospital viewing station or remotely from their offices or home at any desktop PC.

The remote portal allows physicians to have the images and report at their fingertips, which, in turn, helps them treat their patients quicker.