Hyperhidrosis Program

If you suffer from Hyperhidrosis – sweaty palms, feet or underarms – you owe it to yourself to find out more about how the Saint John’s Hyperhidrosis Program can help you. We’ve got lots of resources to help get you the information you need to take the next steps.

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Learn more about Osita Onugha, M.D.

Dr. Osita Onugha, M.D., is a board-certified surgeon and assistant professor of thoracic surgery at the John Wayne Cancer Institute. Dr. Onugha practices all aspects of thoracic surgery, including hyperhidrosis. He has a particular interest in using minimally invasive techniques, which result in quicker recovery times and less scarring for patients. He has extensive experience in treating thoracic surgical conditions using video-assisted thoracoscopic surgical (VATS), robotic assisted thoracic surgery (RATS), laparoscopic and bronchoscopic approaches.

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