What To Expect When You Arrive

Providence Saint John’s knows you don’t want to be in the hospital any longer than you need to be which is why we continuously work to improve our efficiency and responsiveness to our patient’s needs.

  • You will be checked in and your vital statistics (temperature, pulse, blood pressure, etc.) will be taken
  • You will be evaluated by a medical professional who will assess the severity of your condition and your pain to help determine the order in which patients are seen.
    • The Emergency Department will try to see patients in the order they arrive, but there are times when people must be seen immediately because of the severity of their conditions.
    • Patients with less severe symptoms are placed into the Providence Saint John’s Fast Track service and directed to a dedicated area where they can be treated and discharged without waiting for patients with more serious conditions to be seen.
  • Following the assessment, in most situations –
    • You will be placed in a private room
      • Bedside registration allows us to gather your information while you are resting in a private area versus a public waiting room.
    • The attending physician will meet with you and review your condition
    • Your health history will be documented
    • You will receive a physical exam
    • Tests will be ordered, if needed
      • Medical professionals are able to come to your bedside to take lab tests
      • Digital X-rays allow additional physician specialists to review results and offer quick consultation to your emergency physician.
    • Your physician will communicate a treatment plan with you, or with you and your family, and treatment will be provided based on the physician’s diagnosis.
    • You will be admitted or discharged based on your situation
      • Upon discharge you will receive written instructions, which may include direction to obtain follow-up care with your primary care doctor or another physician.
      • You may receive a call from the Emergency Department team the following day to check on your condition.


The physicians, nurses, and other caregivers at Providence Saint John’s take personal responsibility for the care of every patient. Our compassion for each individual’s healing and well-being is reflected in our commitment to excellent care and the ability to provide patients with the latest equipment, technology, academic research and board-certified medical specialists so we can continue to make a difference for our patients.