Ages and Stages

During the development of children with cleft, the team will address:

  • Surgical management
  • Dental/orthodontic/prosthodontic management
  • Speech and hearing management
  • Psychosocial issues

Birth to three years

  • Stabilize feeding
  • Complete diagnosis/genetics
  • Nasal alveolar molding if indicated
  • Lip and palate repair
  • Repeated speech evaluations and home program for parents
  • Audiological and otological management
  • Psychosocial consultations

The preschool years

  • Emphasis on speech and resonance skills
  • Dental care and orthodontic observation
  • Psychological monitoring of child
  • Hearing management
  • Lip revision option
  • Educational/academic needs

The school-aged child

  • Dental care and orthodontic management
  • Bone graft being planned
  • Aesthetic revision
  • Audiological/otological management
  • Educational/academic/psychosocial needs

The teen years

  • Final lip and nasal revisions
  • Bone grafting, if not completed yet
  • Speech and resonance needs completed
  • Dental care, orthodontic management, possible orthognathic surgery
  • Educational/academic and psychosocial issues
  • Revisit geneticist