The Benefits of Robotic Prostatectomy Using the da Vinci Surgery System

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, your urologic oncologist may recommend different types of treatment options, including hormone therapy, radiation therapy, cryotherapy, and prostatectomy. The last of these—prostatectomy—is the surgical removal of the malignant prostate.

Open surgery vs. minimally invasive surgery

When it comes to prostatectomy, a patient can either undergo open surgery or minimally invasive surgery. In an open surgery, the surgeons create a sizable abdominal incision so that their hands and the surgical instruments can fit inside the incision. Compare this to minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopy, in which the surgeons only create incisions small enough for the instruments to be inserted into the body. A small fiber-optic camera is used to send images of the prostate back to a monitor, where the surgeons can view them in real time.

Introducing the da Vinci surgery system

If your doctor recommends surgery for your prostate cancer, you may also be a candidate for a more advanced form of laparoscopy known as the da Vinci Surgery System, a robotic prostatectomy technology that Providence Saint John’s Health Center advocates and uses on its patients.

Benefits of da Vinci Surgery System over open surgery

  • Only smaller incisions are required – The da Vinci Surgery System is quite similar to a traditional laparoscopy in terms of the need to only make small incisions where the instruments can be inserted into the body. This minimizes the pain and hemorrhaging that a patient may experience during and after the surgery.
  • More accurate – The system allows for a more precise surgical removal of the cancerous cells.
  • Less blood loss – A patient doesn’t lose as much blood, so there is also less need for blood transfusion.
  • Makes nerve-sparing possible – The da Vinci robotic prostatectomy technology makes nerve-sparing surgery possible, thus allowing for the faster normalization of erectile function and a better chance for urinary continence to return.
  • Lower after-surgery risks – There is also lower risk for both complications and infections.
  • Shorter hospital stay – Shorter hospital stay means less hospital bills.
  • Faster recovery period – A patient can expect a shorter recovery period, allowing for a quicker return to his normal activities.

Benefits over traditional laparoscopy

  • Faster return of bodily functions – With the da Vinci robotic prostatectomy technology, more patients are able to return to pre-surgery erectile function (at 12 months). Return to pre-surgery urinary continence is also quicker.
  • Less chance of injury – There is less chance of nerve and rectum injury with the da Vinci Surgery System compared to a traditional laparoscopy.
  • Less blood loss – With the da Vinci Surgery System, there is also less chance of blood loss and need for blood transfusions, even compared to traditional laparoscopy.
  • Shorter hospital stay – Patients who have prostatectomy using the da Vinci robotic prostatectomy technology also tend to require shorter hospital stays.

Thanks to the da Vinci Surgery System’s magnified 3D HD vision system and modern instruments, surgeons are able to operate on patients with enhanced vision, more precise movements, and better dexterity. Approximately 1.5 million surgical procedures have so far been performed worldwide using this revolutionary system.

To learn more about the da Vinci robotic prostatectomy technology, please get in touch with us. We serve the city of Santa Monica and surrounding areas in the Westside, South Bay, and San Fernando Valley in Southern California. We also proudly serve patients from all across the United States.

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