Research and Clinical Trials

The John Wayne Cancer Institute is a cancer research organization dedicated to the understanding and curing of cancer in order to eliminate patient suffering worldwide. Although we now know a great deal about melanoma, there is much that is still to be learned. Although our treatments are now much better than they were in the past, we still are striving to improve so that more patients may be cured and treated in ways that maintain their quality of life. This process of improving knowledge and treatments involves research and clinical trials.

In addition we are training the next generation of physicians, surgeons and scientists who will continue to work to end not only melanoma but all cancer into the future. Our center includes training programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and the Society of Surgical Oncology. The presence of these motivated young physicians and scientists enhances the progress of our scientific studies and ensures that the most up to date knowledge is used for each patient’s benefit.

Our research to date has changed the standards of care for melanoma and enabled us to understand how this disease behaves and which treatment each patient requires. Some of the recent results of these studies are now published and are available as a resource for other physicians around the world. Click here to view these studies.

Our clinical trials involve new treatments that are not yet available outside of research studies. It is through these types of trials that many of the treatment advances pioneered by John Wayne Cancer Institute have become standards throughout the world. One of our central goals as an institution is to continue to change and improve the way melanoma and other cancers are treated through clinical research and clinical trials.

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