Surgeon-performed ultrasound and ultrasound guided biopsy

ultrasound_scan_neckOur fellowship-trained endocrine surgeon, Melanie Goldfarb, M.D., MS, FACS, performs ultrasounds in the medical office for all patients referred for thyroid or parathyroid disease; it is an integral part of the consultation. Her overall experience and understanding of the disease process, both in and out of the operating room, allows her to uniquely evaluate the thyroid and parathyroid glands and create a personalized plan with the patient at the time of the visit. Dr. Goldfarb will personally review all ultrasound images with the patient in real time so that the patient can truly visualize their thyroid or parathyroid concern.

Some patients will require a thyroid biopsy based on the appearance of their thyroid nodule on ultrasound. Dr. Goldfarb will perform an ultrasound-guided biopsy that same day in the office and a pathologist will look at the slides to provide a preliminary diagnosis before the appointment is over. Some biopsies may come back as “indeterminate,” in which case an extra biopsy can be taken for molecular testing of the nodule to help formulate a personalized care plan if indicated.

Neck ultrasonography, or ultrasound, is the best, most sensitive and specific, method of evaluating thyroid disease in the neck and is the first line imaging test for abnormal parathyroid localization. It uses high-frequency sounds waves that pass through the tissues to create images and can help the surgeon determine which nodules are worrisome and perform a cancer risk assessment. Ultrasound can also be used to visualize obtaining a fine needle aspiration biopsy of a nodule or lymph node.

See Thyroid nodule FAQ’s for more information on thyroid nodules.