Cancer Centers

Providence Saint John’s Health Center is home to the John Wayne Cancer Center Clinic and many cancer center programs providing leading-edge cancer treatment and surgical services.

Margie Petersen Breast Center

In the past two decades, early detection and advances in modern medicine have led to a significant increase in survival rates among breast cancer patients.  The Margie Petersen Breast Center at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif. is home to the John Wayne Cancer Institute, where breast cancer research and clinical trials result in the most advanced breast cancer care.   Academic medicine teamed with a highly-personalized healing environment is a perfect pair for our patients.
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Brain Tumor Center

The nationally-acclaimed Providence Saint John’s Brain Tumor Center (BTC) and Pituitary Disorders Program provides comprehensive care for patients with brain, skull base and pituitary tumors, including both benign and malignant brain tumors, skull base tumors, pituitary adenomas as well as related problems such as pituitary hormonal failure (hypopituitarism), cerebrospinal fluid leaks (CSF leaks), intraventricular tumors, spinal cord tumors and hydrocephalus. We also treat cranial nerve syndromes including trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm and glossopharyngeal neuralgia. 

Endocrine Tumor and Bone Disease Program

The Endocrine Tumor and Bone Disease Program offers specialized services to patients who have:

  • Been diagnosed with an endocrine condition that requires specialized surgical care
  • An endocrine conditions related to a disease
  • A benign tumor affecting the thyroid, parathyroid or adrenal glands
  • Bone conditions related to osteoporosis or cancer treatment

Our patients can trust the highly-skilled physicians, surgeons and multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals at Providence Saint John’s Health Center who provide your care.
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GI Oncology Center

At Providence Saint John’s Health Center and the John Wayne Cancer Clinics, every patient receives personalized care from an expert team of doctors and nurses who focus exclusively on your particular type of cancer. The team includes specialists in surgery, medical oncology, radiation therapy, pathology and other disciplines that are important to the diagnosis and treatment gastrointestinal cancers. 
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Melanoma Program

In 1983, doctors gave Peggy Maddox a few months to live, with a grim melanoma diagnosis.  Today she enjoys life thanks to an experimental treatment provided by the John Wayne Cancer Institute.  Our physicians dedicate much of their time to research to cure melanoma cancer.

The Melanoma Program in the John Wayne Cancer Clinics at Providence Saint John’s Health Center integrates the most current knowledge of cancer genetics, world-class resources for diagnosing and staging skin cancers, and leading-edge treatment approaches to provide personalized care and support services to patients diagnosed with invasive or non-invasive melanoma.
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Urologic Oncology Program

Saint John’s is a leader in the treatment of bladder, prostate, kidney and testicular cancer. We specialize in minimally invasive surgery with the latest robotic technology for a faster recovery. Our patients can rest assured they will get personalized treatment from a compassionate team of world-class specialists. We provide seamless care through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.
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