Innovations Magazine Winter 2017

December 16, 2017

In many of the Western movies made during my father’s era, women were often in need of protection. A few, however, were able to withstand the rigors of the Wild West and fend for themselves. They had determination, fearlessness and grit. Those attributes come to mind when reading this issue of Innovations. Our two profiles in this issue feature women who have long supported the John Wayne Cancer Institute. The story on Alice JohnsonMcKinney (page 22) reminds us of the early days of the Institute and the spirit of the man who made our work possible, John Wayne. Alice and her husband, Louie, were dear friends of Duke, and Alice continues to advocate for better treatments for the disease that took the lives of Duke and others she loved.

On page 40, you can read about the late Annick Brunaud, a friend and Saint John’s patient who succumbed to cancer last May. Annick, who had pancreatic cancer, understood the great need for cancer research funding. Her bequest to the Institute will support innovative studies that advance our understanding of this challenging cancer. Annick will be long remembered for her generosity. And the story of another admirable woman can be found on page 26. Suzanne Nelson shows us how love, support, courage and outstanding medical care can coalesce to overcome daunting odds. The wonderful Institute physicians who are caring for Suzanne are at the forefront of treatment advances that are bringing hope to so many patients.

These women have inspired us—as do the many people who work at the John Wayne Cancer Institute or who support its mission through advocacy, leadership or fundraising. We are most grateful to our large and growing network of supporters. My father laid down the gauntlet when he called for research to find cures for cancer. It wasn’t an easy mission. It took bravado. But through your perseverance—your grit—we see astonishing progress. Thank you for everything you do to support our lifesaving mission.

Patrick Wayne
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Patrick Wayne

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