Saint John's Magazine Winter 2016

December 16, 2016

Message from the Foundation

An essential part of a community hospital's mission is to look closely at what our neighbors need to stay healthy and well.

That’s why we strove to become a certified stroke center (page 18). As the only certified stroke center west of the 405 Freeway, we can now successfully treat many patients who might otherwise miss out on vital, time-sensitive therapies simply because they live too far away.

Stroke is an emergency. Every second counts from the time symptoms first appear to arriving at a hospital. We can now assure Westside residents that they will have the best possible chance at a full recovery from a stroke, right here at the hospital that has always cared for their family.

As Saint John’s enters its 75th year, we remain steadfast to the mission set forth by our founding Sisters: to serve our community with compassion to the best of our ability. Our fundraising activities are aimed at programs and services that keep Westside residents healthy, including diagnostic services, innovative treatments, patient support, staff training, research, community initiatives and advanced medical technology.

As part of the upcoming anniversary year, we’re also taking the time to look back and honor the people who paved our way forward. In this issue of Saint John’s, you’ll find a new column, “Looking Back—the First 75 Years."

Many talented and dedicated members of our community have guided us since our inception, and we continue to seek counsel from an outstanding board of trustees. Our board members remain with us for years and become part of our extended family. You can read about two of them, Chris Newman and Bill Mortensen, in this issue. We thank them and our entire board for contributing their time and talent. These dedicated individuals and you, our many friends and donors, help strengthen our ties to the community we care for. Your efforts make our work and successes possible.

Robert O. Klein
President and CEO,
Saint John's Health Center Foundation

Donna L. Schweers
Chair, Saint John's Health Center
Foundation Board of Trustees


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