Innovations Magazine Spring 2016

May 18, 2016

In many old Westerns, including many of my father’s movies, the good guy is rarely without a partner—someone to watch his back, advise him and cheer him on. In this issue of Innovations, we celebrate the partners who accompany us on our lengthy and challenging journey to reduce the suffering caused by cancer.

At the John Wayne Cancer Institute, our united front consists of thousands of individual donors, many of them long-time supporters or representing second or third generations of philanthropic families—as well as numerous charitable and service-minded organizations. These organizations include the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies (ABCs), the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY), the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, the John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary and Saint John’s Health Center Foundation to name a few.

This issue includes stories about three of our partners. We are so grateful for the support of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, which has been with us since the beginning and has hired a new president, Cathy Brown.

We also pay tribute to the ABCs, recalling its 30 years of activities that have netted more than $15 million for the Institute. Gloria Gebbia, the ABCs president, describes a group of people devoted to cancer cures and each other.

And we are delighted to profile the fabulous FFANY and its leader, Ron Fromm. The John Wayne Cancer Institute is one of nine charities that benefit from FFANY’s charitable efforts, and we count ourselves extremely grateful for this partnership.

In this issue we’re also pleased to announce two gifts to our renowned Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program. The $1 million fund established by the Tarble Foundation provides seed money to ensure this jewel of the Institute continues to thrive.

We’d like to thank benefactor Ruth Weil for her many years of generosity to the Institute—particularly her special relationship with the Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program. We’ve always been able to count on Ruth and appreciate her friendship and support, which includes a recent gift to the fellowship program. I’m pleased to announce that we just honored her with the inaugural Dr. Donald L. Morton Legend Award, presented to esteemed individuals who have made the kind of enduring contribution to cancer research and education that exemplifies Dr. Morton’s audacious vision of eradicating cancer. We love you, Ruthie!

Our donor partnerships have made the Institute what it is today. We can never thank you enough, but I hope the progress we’re witnessing today in cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment is a reminder of the power we wield when we work together side by side.

Patrick Wayne
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Patrick Wayne
Innovations Mgazine