Innovations Magazine Spring 2015

June 09, 2015

Making Progress in Our Fight Against Cancer

This is an exciting era in cancer. After many decades of laborious effort, researchers are making rapid inroads in understanding this complex disease and how to best treat it. I am proud to say that the Institute is at the forefront of this movement. Our scientists and clinicians are leaders in the promising field of cancer immunotherapy, as you will read about in this issue of Innovations. Our work in cancer genomics has produced many insights that have helped steer the course of research. We collaborate with the top researchers around the world and help train the next generation of cancer surgeons and scientists.

The driving force behind our progress is you—our friends and supporters. Time and again, you have stepped up to make possible the technologies, equipment and support necessary to maintain the Institute’s reputation for excellence. Thank you for your generosity and interest in our mission. We hope you enjoy this issue of Innovations and invite you to take a quick survey that will help us continue to provide you with an engaging biannual magazine.

Patrick Wayne
Chairman of the Board of Directors



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