Saint John's Magazine Summer 2014

July 01, 2014

As a long-time member of the Saint John's Health Center Foundation board of trustees, I've watched with pride as the Health Center has served the residents of the Westside over the years, continually evolving to provide more services with our brand of compassionate health care. We've overcome challenges on several occasions—rebuilding after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. And we've welcomed important milestones, such as the first change in sponsorship in our hospital's history earlier this year.

Today the outlook for our cherished institution is better than ever. We are grateful for the guidance and support of our new sponsor, Providence Health & Services. I've had the pleasure of speaking with Providence leaders on many occasions over the past several months, including at the recent governance meeting in Bellevue, Washington, where Providence is headquartered. I can share that our new sponsor is delighted with the reputation and accomplishments of Providence Saint John's Health Center and is wholly supportive of our continued growth and development. This is a wonderful time for the Health Center. With the support of our trustees and donors and input from our talented medical staff, we will work to ensure that our hospital remains one of the finest health care institutions on the West Coast.

John M. Robertson, MD
Chair, Saint John's Health Center
Foundation Board of Trustees


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