Irene Dunne Guild Funds Projects and Equipment to Enhance Nursing Care and Patient Comfort

February 06, 2017

Recognizing that a dedicated nursing staff plays a major role in the superior care provided at Providence Saint John’s Health Center, the Irene Dunne Guild this year chose to fund nearly $180,000 worth of predominantly nursing-related services and equipment.

“We know that nursing care makes all the difference in a patient’s experience,” says Brenda McDonald, guild president. “Saint John’s nurses show extraordinary competence and compassion every day, and we wanted to support their efforts with items that would help them do their job better, as well as give them ways to renew and revitalize.”



Assisting Feeding Tube Placement
The CORTRAK 2 enables nurses to safely insert feeding tubes at the bedside without needing to rely on X-rays to assure proper placement. The FDA-approved system provides real-time tracking and allows for feeding tube therapy to begin more quickly.

Enhancing the Birth Experience
Expectant mothers who wish for a safe, natural childbirth experience will find a supportive, comfortable, home-like environment thanks to upgrades to the Minimal Intervention Natural Birthing Suite, including a new labor bed, new furniture and new décor.

Bringing Mental Health Assistance to Preschoolers
Research shows that prekindergarten children with psycho-social challenges are expelled from day care and early education centers at more than three times the frequency of children in grades kindergarten through 12. The Child and Family Development Center’s Preschool Mental Health Consultation Program embeds highly-trained mental health staff in high-need, underserved day care facilities to help identify children with developmental or behavioral challenges and connect them with early interventions.

accuveinFacilitating Needle Insertion with a Vein Mapping System
Nurses must carefully use needles to perform blood draws and insert IVs that are a necessary part of hospital care. The AccuVein AV400 makes it easier to find a vein by using infrared technology to project an image of the patient’s veins onto the skin’s surface.

Helping Great Nurses Continue to Provide Great Care
The Compassionate Care Symposium provides information on best practices as well as opportunities to share and discuss issues related to caregiving. This one-day, off-campus event includes dynamic speakers and team building opportunities and offers continuing education units (CEU).

Making a Difference for Low-Income Patients
Funding allows social service staff to provide small items that can make a big difference for patients with limited incomes. They may include such items as meal vouchers, bus tickets, clothing, hygiene kits, adult diapers, reading glasses, phone chargers and parking validations.

Caring for the Caregivers
The Providence Empowerment and Caregiver Engagement (PEACE) program aims to enhance the physical health and social wellness of Saint John’s caregivers. Components in the program will include: groups that engage in healthy practices such as walking, yoga or meditation; a quiet room for rejuvenating and recharging; a community garden; a farmer’s market; Zumba classes and opportunities to engage in community service projects.

StandingSaraGetting Patients Up from Bed Safely
Standing and walking improves the healing process for the patient but can create a risk of injury to nurses. The Sara Steady Seated Transfer Device helps patients to stand up independently without needing to lean on a caregiver for support. The stability of the system makes it safer for patients as well.