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Providence Saint John’s and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Medical Group to Provide the Highest Level Care for Fragile Newborns

December 28, 2016

Providence Saint John’s Health Center is partnering with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Medical Group to raise the level of care...

Collaborating for Better Healthcare

December 08, 2016

The Collaborating for Better Healthcare Community is an online community where influencers like you are invited to share your opinions and shape...

Made to Order: Donna L. Schweers brings ideal qualities to her role as Foundation chair

December 05, 2016

If you could custom order qualities desired in a Foundation chair, they would likely include leadership ability, extensive knowledge of the health...

A Family-Centered Birthing Place: The caring, experienced staff in the McAlister Women’s Health Center is here to make your delivery save and comfortable

December 05, 2016

The Ho Family When Martha Ho chose to deliver her first child at Saint John’s Health Center in 1978, she and her husband, David, had no idea...

The Joy of Giving

December 05, 2016

Trustee William S. Mortensen is carrying on a family legacy of compassion and generosity in his work with Saint John’s

A True Calling: Roger Wacker felt compelled to give back after experiencing the lifesaving and compassionate care administered to his wife at Saint John’s

December 05, 2016

As often happens in shaping a person’s direction in life, it was a traumatic experience that led Roger Wacker to his role as trustee of Saint...

Emmet Foundation Gift

December 05, 2016

Saint John’s Health Center Foundation is pleased to acknowledge a gift of $100,000 from the Emmett Foundation to help enhance orthopedic care...

Nurse Magnet Journey: Saint John’s is on track to receive this prestigious designation for its top-rate nurses.

November 30, 2016

Saint John’s Health Center is pursuing the ultimate validation for its excellent nursing care: Nurse Magnet designation. Developed by the...

Leading Ladies: Headed by Brenda McDonald, the leaders and members of the iconic Irene Dunne Guild really get the job done.

November 30, 2016

Caroline Maclay, Brenda McDonald and Sandra Line Brenda McDonald has worn many hats as a hospital nurse, mother, wife, and now as a marriage and...

Breakthroughs in Medical Oncology

November 21, 2016

An intimate and interactive meeting that focused on breakthroughs in medical oncology and “quarterbacking” cancer care was held at...

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