William Randolph Hearst Foundations: Making the World Safer, One Hospital at a Time

December 21, 2015

The drive to improve patient safety, especially during a crisis, is recognized at hospitals world wide, and at Saint John’s we have a tool proven to go beyond the abstract into reality: simulation training. Study after study has shown that team training using simulation scenarios promotes collaboration between nurses and physicians and enhances the patient care decision-making process.

This year, the William Randolph Hearst Foundations funded the Multidisciplinary Simulation Training for Enhanced Patient Safety program, which provides Saint John’s health care teams with hands-on crisis training so they’re prepared to handle a variety of high-risk, low incidence emergencies with increased confidence and improved outcomes.

Founded in 1945 by William Randolph Hearst, the Hearst Foundations are national philanthropic resources for organizations working in the fields of culture, education, health and social services. The Hearst Foundations identify and fund outstanding nonprofits to ensure that people of all backgrounds in the United States have the opportunity to build healthy, productive and inspiring lives. We thank the William Randolph Hearst Foundations for this vital support.