Arctic Sun

December 15, 2014

arctic5000A recent gift from a private foundation and a second gift from the Irene Dunne Guild have paved the way for the purchase of two Arctic Sun hypothermia devices for the Saint John’s emergency department. Arctic Sun is a temperature management system that is used to cool a patient’s body temperature in a safe and precise manner by circulating chilled water in pads or blankets applied to the patient’s skin.

Hypothermia treatment has been shown to limit damage resulting from cardiac arrest. Cooling puts the body in a slower metabolic state that curtails the cascade of chemicals released when cells are starved for oxygen. These chemicals can lead to permanent injury.

“The Arctic Sun improves the chances of a full recovery,” says Russ Kino, MD, director of emergency

services at Saint John’s Health Center. “Before Arctic Sun technology, hypothermia treatment was more challenging to administer. We can now manage these patients far more effectively.”