5 Questions For Your Doctor

January 01, 2014

For many traditional or “open” surgeries, there is now a corresponding minimally invasive option, including a wide range of procedures that are available throughout Providence Southern California. But how do you know what kind of surgery is right for you?

Allen Hoffman, MD, FACS, a general sugeon at Providence Tarzana Medical Center, has broad experience with both open and minimally invasive surgical approaches. If you have been advised that you need surgery, Dr. Hoffman recommends asking a few key questions to determine your best course.

  1. What are the risks for my surgery, and am I a good candidate for it?
  2. Can this procedure be performed laparoscopically?
  3. What kind of recovery period can I expect?
  4. How many of these surgeries have you performed, and what are your results?
  5. Are there proven advantages to the minimally invasive option, or could an open approach be the best choice for me?