Mind and Body

Modifying Your Workout

Knowing when and how to modify your workouts is key to keeping yourself safely and efficiently on track toward your fitness goals.

Take Steps to Prevent Falls

One in five falls causes serious harm, such as a broken bone or head injury. Such injuries may make it difficult to do everyday activities, get around, or stay independent.

Are You Making Your Cold Worse?

Here’s a cold hard truth: There are no magical cures for the common cold. So what works?

Don’t Resist Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can give you a total body workout, virtually anywhere. This alternative to standard weight lifting equipment, such as dumbbells or barbells, is portable and versatile and requires minimal space.

Should You Buy an Electric Pressure Cooker?

One of the biggest attractions of these devices is that they can help you cook healthy foods such as meats, soups, stews, and more in a fraction of the time than it would otherwise take.

Building a Better Salad

Most Americans don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Salads are a great way to solve that problem. You can fit lots of different fruits and veggies into your salad bowl.

Make Your Run More Fun

Running is a great way to exercise—and it’s convenient. But it can become tedious, especially if you take the same path each time. Here are some ways to spice up your running routine.

8 Superfoods for Fighting Diabetes

Lots of foods can be healthy choices if you have diabetes or are concerned about getting it. But a few really pack a punch with vitamins, minerals, fiber, or healthy fats.