Pawsitive Pet Program

The Paula Kent Meehan Pawsitive Pet Program is comprised of dog and handler teams that visit Providence Saint John's Health Center. Their mission is to provide friendship and comfort to patients during their hospital stay. It is not only the patients that benefit from the Pawsitive Pet visits. The dogs love their work and are welcomed and adored by Providence Saint John's caregivers as well as visitors to the hospital.

Program Requirements

For teams to qualify, the handler and dog must become members of the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program. You may learn more about becoming this by visiting their website: When you are ready, we will help you through the process.

The handler must also become a Providence Saint John's Health Center volunteer. Please note that being a Pet Partners dog and handler team does not guarantee acceptance into the Paula Kent Meehan Pawsitive Pet Program. We are looking for the strongest and most qualified teams to become a part of our program.

For more information, please contact the Providence Saint John's Health Center Volunteer office at 310-829-8438.