Sometimes that pain in your foot is from shoes that are a bit too tight. Other times, pain in the foot, ankle or lower leg can be a symptom of a condition in need of medical attention. Tell your primary care physician about any unusual pain in your feet and he or she will determine whether you need to see a feet specialist – a podiatrist.

Providence Medical Institute physicians provide quality care for diseases and disorders of the foot. Treatment ranges from surgery to prescribing custom-made shoes; physical therapy to medication.

Providence also works with other specialists in treating disease that affect the feet. For example, endocrinologists treat patients with diabetes, but often times the disease hampers circulations, which affects the feet. Rheumatologists treat gout, which most often is characterized by severe foot pain.

Podiatrists also treat fractures and sports-related injuries. Often times the treatment is as simple as adding an insert to the shoes to provide better support and alleviate pain!