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Providence Medical Institute (PMI) is comprised of more than 200 providers located across 32 medical offices from the South Bay to the west San Fernando Valley up to Santa Clarita.

Our physicians are focused on providing high quality, cost-effective and compassionate care in the tradition of the Sisters of Providence while increasing access to primary and urgent care services in their local communities.

PMI contracts with most major health plans, HMOs, Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans and Medi-Cal. PMI provides discounts to cash-paying individuals without insurance.

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Acne (See also: Dermatology)
Adolescent Health (See also: Pediatrics)
Ankle (See also: Podiatry)
Botox (See also: Dermatology)
Chemical peel (See also: Dermatology)
Cyst removal (See also: Dermatology)
Cardiac Surgery (See also: Heart & Vascular Services)
Cardiology (See also: Heart & Vascular Services)
Child Health (See also: Pediatrics)
Eczema (See also: Dermatology)
Erbium laser peel (See also: Dermatology)
Executive Physical (See also: Ningen Dock Center)
Eye Health (See also: Ophthalmology)
Emergency care (See also: Urgent Care)
Fungal infections (See also: Dermatology)
Female Medicine (See also: OB/GYN)
Foot (See also: Podiatry)
Hearing Loss (See also: Audiology Services)
Hearing Test (See also: Audiology Services)
Hormones (See also: Endocrinology)
Head and Neck Surgery (See also: Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Services)
Immunology (See also: Rheumatology)
Immediate care (See also: Urgent Care)
Juvederm (See also: Dermatology)
Japanese Executive Physical (See also: Ningen Dock Center)
No services available for this letter.
No services available for this letter.
Mole and growth removal (See also: Dermatology)
Metabolic Health (See also: Endocrinology)
Metabolism (See also: Endocrinology)
Musculoskeletal injuries (See also: Sports Medicine)
Ningen Dock (See also: Ningen Dock Center)
Perlane (See also: Dermatology)
Psoriasis (See also: Dermatology)
Primary Care (See also: Family Medicine)
Primary Care (See also: Internal Medicine)
Physical Fitness (See also: Sports Medicine)
No services available for this letter.
Radiesse (See also: Dermatology)
Restylane (See also: Dermatology)
Rosacea (See also: Dermatology)
Rehabilitation (See also: Physical Therapy)
Sclerotherapy (See also: Dermatology)
Skin cancer (See also: Dermatology)
Skin disease (See also: Dermatology)
Skin disorder (See also: Dermatology)
Stroke center (See also: Urgent Care)
Thyroid (See also: Endocrinology)
Women's Health (See also: OB/GYN)
No services available for this letter.
No services available for this letter.
No services available for this letter.