Seniors and Medicare Beneficiaries

The providers at Providence Medical Institute and affiliated medical groups at Axminster and Affiliates in Medical Specialties accept Medicare, Medicare supplement plans, and several Medicare PPO and HMO plans, often referred to as Medicare Advantage plans. For the most complete information about participating providers, please contact your health plan.

Have you had your annual Senior Wellness Evaluation? Medicare provides an annual wellness evaluation as a benefit to their beneficiaries. Please let the appointment representative know if you are scheduling an appointment for a wellness exam.

Axminster Medical Group, a member of Providence Medical Institute, offers a Senior Wellness Program for enrolled health plan members.

Important Information for individuals or family members who are turning 65
Preparing to enter the Medicare health plan system can be confusing, and for many people one of the first questions they have is whether the health plan they choose allows them to keep their doctor. Providence Medical Institute offers education about Medicare health plan options.

  • You can go online and watch an educational video
  • You can attend one of our monthly educational seminars

If you are an employer who wants to offer your employees education about Medicare health plan options, we can come on-site and provide a “lunch-and-learn” Medicare educational seminar. Providence Medical Institute hosts the education in conjunction with a licensed independent insurance broker who will provide explanations about all options available to those who will become eligible for Medicare.