Providence Health & Services performs the latest surgical procedures across a wide spectrum of specialties, offering robotic surgeries, minimally-invasive procedures and traditional operations enhanced by the leading edge equipment to help ensure accuracy, safety, effectiveness and best possible outcomes.

Most of our Southern California medical centers have invested in da Vinci robot systems for the most delicate surgeries, including gynecological procedures and prostatectomies. All of our hospitals perform minimally invasive orthopedics and other procedures that leave little scarring and reduce hospital stays and recovery time.

Providence utilizes sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tools in performing general surgeries and heart, vascular, cancer, orthopedic, neurologic pediatric and numerous other types of procedures. Our expert-to-expert philosophy brings ensures each case is reviewed by our leading specialists.

All the members of our surgical teams work together to review each case and the appropriate protocol immediately before surgery to provide the best for our patients. The focus is always on excellence, safety and compassion.

Across Providence Southern California, our six medical centers have received numerous 5-Star awards for quality performance in range of surgeries.

At Providence, surgical care goes beyond the operating rooms. Our patients and their families are counseled before and after procedures and we provide not only physical care, but address emotional, spiritual and cultural needs. Follow-up care including rehabilitation, social services and home health also are available through Providence.

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