Total Joint Replacement

If hip or knee pain is holding you back, consider total joint replacement at Providence. Sometimes a total joint replacement is the only option for reducing pain and restoring a normal activity level.

Providence performs thousands of total joint replacement surgeries every year, with our patients often resuming activities they once thought would be impossible. The intimate setting of our orthopedic units lets you feel at ease with your care team, including nurses and inpatient physical therapists.

Our physicians are highly engaged with your care, starting with an education program that prepares you for surgery. We believe that understanding your treatment plan and how to actively participate in your recovery will reduce anxiety. In turn, you will recuperate faster and experience better long-term results.

How Total Joint Replacement Works

An orthopedic surgeon removes the damaged bone while preserving healthy parts of the bone, ligaments and muscle. The damaged bone is replaced with a highly polished prosthesis (artificial joint), which prevents the bones from rubbing together, creating a smooth joint.

The operation typically takes an hour. The result is a more natural-feeling, nearly pain-free gliding surface. Recovery happens quickly. The muscle starts working again right after surgery, and you can begin walking the same day.

Physical and occupational therapists play a critical role in your recovery at the hospital. Our therapists teach you how to walk safely, climb stairs and participate in everyday activities. In most cases, therapy starts in the hospital on the day of surgery.

Superior Outcomes

Patient satisfaction scores are among the highest in the nation for total hip or knee replacement. Additionally, our patients experience shorter hospital stays than the national average, and many go home without requiring interim care at a skilled nursing facility. Furthermore, our patients see dramatic improvements just three months after surgery, compared with the national average of six months. Hear what our patients have to say in the following video testimonials:

Mary K.'s story

Dave Kelly's Story