ImPACT Testing

What is ImPACT?
ImPACT is a 20-minute computerized neurocognitive test that has been scientifically validated to measure the effects of concussion. After an athlete receives a pre-season baseline test, his or her data is stored on a secure, HIPAA-compliant server. If a concussion is suspected, a follow-up test is administered to see if the results have changed from the baseline. This comparison helps to identify and manage the concussion.

Why use ImPACT?
ImPACT can help answer difficult questions about an athlete’s readiness to return to play orreturn to school, protecting them from the potentially serious consequences of returning too soon. While traditional neurological and radiological procedures such as CT and MRI are helpful in identifying serious brain injuries such as skull fractures and hematomas, they are ineffective at identifying the functional effects of concussion. This is where ImPACT can help. ImPACT measures subtle changes in cognitive functioning that cannot be accurately measured by relying on an athlete to report symptoms.

What makes ImPACT different?
The ImPACT program was developed by a team of doctors who are world leaders in the field of concussion management. ImPACT has undergone rigorous independent scientific validation over a 15-year period. No other neurocognitive test has undergone this process. ImPACT has trained thousands of health care professionals over the last 15 years and ImPACT is utilized in more than a thousand clinics and hospitals throughout the United States and elsewhere.

Call the Concussion Management Clinic today at 818-847-6048 to make an appointment for ImPACT testing or to learn more. ImPACT baseline testing is offered at no cost. Funding for this testing is provided through the generous support of foundation donors. Post-injury testing will be conducted during an office visit with Dr. Marvi.

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