Concussion Management Clinic

A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by a sudden impact or blow to the head or body. This impact will cause the brain to shake inside of the skull resulting in injury despite the fact that physical signs of the injury may not be visible. A concussion or “mild traumatic brain injury” can cause a variety of symptoms that range from mild to severe which if not treated properly can have long term impact.

The experts at the Providence Concussion Clinic are specially trained to diagnoses and manage concussions. Based on the symptoms and clinical test results, our specialists will design a comprehensive treatment plan for the concussion whether it’s sports-related or from a fall. With proper treatment, most children, teens and adults recover from concussions completely and can return to sports or other daily activities following an appropriate period of recovery.

The Providence Concussion Clinic is committed to raising awareness of this potentially devastating injury. We offer a variety of educational tools and offerings aimed at athletes, parents, athletic programs, and health care providers. 

Concussion Facts & Tools

Tools for school athletic programs, sports leagues, clubs and associations.

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ImPACT Testing

ImPACT is a computerized neurocognitive test that has been scientifically validated to measure the effects of concussion.

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