About Us

The Providence Little Company of Mary Community Health Department believes that health care happens both inside and outside hospital walls. Every day we care for and teach people how to be healthy so that children, adults, and families throughout Los Angeles – especially in low-income neighborhoods – are inspired to live the healthiest lives possible. We do this, alongside our community partners, because everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy life, regardless of their income or where they live.

Our commitment to lower-income communities dates back to 1994, when we recognized that children and adults in several communities served by our Medical Centers were not as healthy as compared to others in surrounding communities.  Our Medical Centers place our own employees in these distinct communities to design and deliver direct health services and wellness education programs where people work, live, study and play.

Since 1994, the scope of our services has evolved and expanded, based on qualitative and quantitative data collected in the triennial needs assessments conducted by Providence to identify the top health needs of the community. Please click on one of our programs below to learn more about how we are building healthier communities.

Improved Access to Health Care Services

Health and Wellness Education

Connecting People to Services