PSJMC launches ‘No One Dies Alone’ program

December 13, 2016

Continuing in its tradition of providing compassionate care, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center recently trained its first cohort of ‘No One Dies Alone’ (NODA) volunteers and officially launched the program last month. NODA was first started at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon in 2001 by Sandra Clarke, a critical care nurse. Sandra was deeply moved by her experience with a dying patient who was alone at the time.

From time to time, patients receiving end-of-life care at PSJMC have no family or friends around them. When a clinical caregiver or chaplain is unavailable, NODA connects ‘compassionate companions’ with such patients. These specially-trained volunteers sit with the patients to provide them with comfort and support in their last stages of life. In this way, the patient can pass with the dignity and respect that each individual deserves.

Thank you to the first cohort of volunteers: Shalese Madison, Jane Winter, Terry Walker, Diane Voss, Debra Moss, Ron Bitzer, Karina Lara and Norma Henze. All volunteers are PSJMC caregivers who are giving their time outside of work to care for these patients.