Meet Herschel Cromwell: Living Proof That Your Donations Save Lives

June 01, 2013

“It means a lot to our family knowing that our parents were able to help.”

Herschel Cromwell remembers nothing about the day he was moments from death, the result of a ruptured aneurysm. But Cromwell was lucky; his aneurysm was quickly diagnosed using a sophisticated ultrasound machine purchased with a donation from the Belanger family. Without this family’s generous gift, Cromwell would not be alive today.

Donations from members of our community are saving lives every day at Providence Health & Services and, thankfully, we have many more stories from grateful patients who receive state-of-the-art treatment and lifesaving care as a result of those with generous spirits. As a non-profit, Mission-driven organization, our proceeds and your financial gifts support much-needed services and programs in the communities we serve; everything from expanding from expanding pediatric intensive care units and access to care to purchasing sophisticated radiation equipment for cancer patients.

Every donation, large or small, saves lives. Just ask Herschel Cromwell. Please consider donating to one of our Providence ministries.