MyChart is Your Chart

April 01, 2013

Providence Medical Institute offers a new way to manage your health online.

You’ve connected with colleagues on LinkedIn and old friends on Facebook. You’ve offered your two cents on message boards, joined an online weight loss community and uploaded videos via YouTube.

Maybe it’s time to get connected to your health.

As a Providence Medical Institute patient, you now have access to MyChart—a free, online service that connects you to your health record and to your care providers. Using MyChart, you can:

  • View test results.
  • Access your health summary from the MyChart electronic health record.
  • Schedule medical appointments.
  • Request prescription renewals.
  • Email your physician directly through a secure, encrypted Internet connection.
  • Check account balance and pay bills directly.

Efficiency in Action

Kathryn Sprague, regional director of customer relationship management and community networks for Providence Health & Services, Southern California, recently gave MyChart a spin— from a patient perspective. During a routine physical, Sprague’s physician asked her if she wanted to enroll in MyChart. She enrolled, and quickly went on to the business of her day, deciding to explore MyChart’s bells and whistles when she had time.

The bells and whistles found her first. “That afternoon, I got an email that MyChart had been updated. I had two X-rays that morning, and the results were already posted,” she says, adding that if she had questions or concerns, MyChart allows her to email her physician directly for answers.

Through MyChart, your health care is safeguarded and accessible in one place; you can access your information from wherever you are using your MyChart account. No more carrying around a folder with past test results. No more loose papers stuffed into your purse with blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. No more remembering to call the doctor’s office for mammogram results.

“From a record-keeping standpoint, it’s amazing,” Sprague says. “And obviously, as a patient, I want to know that I can access my medical information so my specialists and my primary care doctor all have access to the same information. And I can also link to my family’s MyChart accounts so I can manage their appointments and medical records online.”

MyChart acknowledges more than just the fact that patients lead busy lives, says Diana Reynar, marketing director for Providence Medical Institute. “It gives patients quick, easy access to their doctors’ offices and their information without having to wait on hold. It offers accessibility to medical information at their fingertips,” she says.