Choosing Urgent Care

January 01, 2013

Consider This Quicker, More Affordable Option for Non-Life-Threatening Conditions

Sometimes, care just can’t wait. If you need treatment now—and you know it’s not a life-threatening emergency— urgent care can save you time and money.

Providence Medical Institute urgent care physicians Jason Ho, M.D., and Michael Pin, M.D., ABFM, discuss the advantages of choosing urgent care.

The Urgent Care Advantage

With extended hours, much shorter wait times than ERs and capabilities for X-rays, lab work, splinting and the stitching of minor cuts and lacerations, urgent care often is the best first choice.

“If you know it’s not a life-threatening emergency, urgent care is going to be a better option to start with. You get in faster and it is cost-effective,” Dr. Ho says.

Why Pick Providence?

Choosing a Providence urgent care has its advantages. “There is a lot of connectivity between us, our specialists, primary care doctors and Providence hospitals,” Dr. Ho says. “If you’re within our group, we have your records, your labs and your notes. This helps us guide treatment more toward patient needs.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Pin says, Providence Medical Institute Santa Clarita enjoys a unique model of urgent care and family medicine. “With a hybrid urgent care/family medicine model, we are set up to do what patients need when they need it,” Dr. Pin says, adding that patients are seen within the hour for urgent needs as well as less critical appointments, such as flu shots.

Most Providence urgent care locations are open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week, including most holidays.

In an Emergency

Severe head trauma or heart attack and stroke symptoms are always 911 emergencies, Dr. Pin says.

Still not sure where to go? “One of the easiest things to do is to call urgent care first. We can do a quick triage over the phone,” Dr. Ho says.