Sarah a Cosmetologist

April 03, 2014

Despite a youth marked by alcohol, drug abuse and molestation, Sarah was able to overcome the addiction that had plagued her early years. She was determined to change her life so left the Los Angeles area and moved to Columbus, Ohio, where she got clean and sober. After graduating from cosmetology school and becoming a successful hairdresser, Sarah found herself married to an alcoholic and in need of a hip replacement. Her resolve faltered and she relapsed. But she divorced and got the help she needed to get clean again. Then, after a move back to Los Angeles and another surgery, the prescription pain medication became a problem.

“I could see what was happening and I knew it wasn’t what I wanted,” Sarah said. “I was referred to Providence Little Company of Mary Recovery Center and it saved my life.”

After a seven-day inpatient stay, Sarah joined the Recovery Center’s Outpatient Program, meeting three days a week. She has been sober for six months.

“The Outpatient Program gives us a clean, safe group environment where we can work together on our problems, Sarah said. “The counselors understand and they support you. And, when it’s time to be done with the program, they help get you ready to go out in the world and succeed. You know you’re not alone and you can always come back and get the encouragement you need. To me, overcoming addiction is a lot like riding a bike. At first, it’s really hard and you need a lot of help and someone to hold you up, and sometimes you fall. But if you keep trying, one day, you’ll get it right and never look back.”