Translational Immunology

Goals and Areas of Research

The Laboratory of Translational Immunology opened at JWCI in mid-2011, supported by the generosity of Carolyn Dirks and Brett Dougherty and the Joseph B. Gould Foundation. Its goal is to investigate mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity in melanoma, breast cancer, and other malignancies. Investigators in this laboratory are respected immunologists whose expertise extends well beyond cancer, allowing them to draw parallels between the aberrant immune responses underlying neoplastic and nonneoplastic disease. For example, they are comparing the endogenous immune response to skin cancer (melanoma) with the immune profile of autoimmune skin diseases such as vitiligo and infectious skin diseases such as leprosy. An initial focus of this lab is the investigation of the role of mycobacterial or other adjuvants in enhancing anti-tumor immune responses. Research utilizes cellular immunology and molecular biology techniques and systems biology approaches.