Basic Research (Laboratory Research)

Research is at the center of our Institute’s mission, and to accomplish that mission we have developed world-renowned laboratories staffed by experts in the field of cancer research. Our facilities include specialized research laboratories that work closely together and with our surgeons, all in an effort to accomplish our mission of curing cancer. These specialty units expand upon the Institute’s historic expertise in cancer surgery, immunotherapy, medical technologies, and in the translation of basic science from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside.

Basic science research at the John Wayne Cancer Institute focuses on research that can quickly be adapted to clinical use. Some examples are:

Discover markers in the blood that will be tested in breast cancer patients as predictors of response to chemotherapy. Identify the gene responsible for some forms of chemotherapy resistance.

Develop a gene therapy that can incapacitate the chemotherapy resistance mechanism. Find the causes of cancer drug resistance and treat it as a separate disease, enabling the chemotherapy to be successful. Develop new serum tests for the diagnosis and prognosis of multiple cancers and the detection of residual cancer.

Our Basic Science Research Departments –