SSO Approved Fellowships

Despite great advances in cancer research and treatment, cancer patients are still most commonly and effectively treated with surgery. Sixty percent of cancer patients are treated surgically, and around 90% of all cancers are diagnosed and staged using surgery. However, in many ways surgery is also the least standardized intervention, and there is a shortage of cancer surgeons trained in accordance with the criteria established by the Society of Surgical Oncology.

The John Wayne Cancer Institute (JWCI) is one of this country’s most respected centers for advanced training in surgical oncology and breast oncology. Over the past three decades, JWCI faculty members have trained more than 100 young surgeons in translational cancer research.

JWCI fellows receive training in surgical, medical and radiation oncology, and are groomed to establish their own laboratories and clinical translational research programs after they graduate. Many graduates are now nationally respected academic surgical oncologists.

JWCI fellows have received competitive awards from prestigious organizations such as the National Institutes of Health. They have participated in groundbreaking research, presented their findings at national and international meetings, and published their work in national journals. They are learning the latest surgical techniques and treatments in the clinic and, most importantly, they treat our patients with dignity and respect. They truly are the next generation of surgical and breast oncologists.

Surgical Oncology Fellowship
Breast Oncology Fellowship