School Nurse Outreach Program

The School Nurse Outreach Program was initiated in April 2000 at the request of five elementary schools located in low-income communities around Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. These schools had lost governmental funding to support a school nurse and approached Providence Holy Cross Medical Center to see if there was an opportunity to partner to help provide this much needed health resource. Many of these students come from families with limited incomes who have very restricted access to health care resources since many of these families do not have insurance. The School Nurse provides a vital link to these families in providing screenings, health education and referral for students in need of health services.

Over the past year, the Program has grown and added three more schools, so that nine elementary schools are supported by the School Nurse. The services provided by the Program include:

  • Records management to ensure compliance with State mandated immunization and physical exam requirements for every student at each school.
  • Health screenings for the students including vision, hearing, height and weight, blood pressure, and scoliosis exams.
  • Parent education on health topics dealing with issues such as nutrition and fitness.
  • Health referral for students needing further medical evaluation and/or treatment.
  • Health education for the students including topics on growth and development, fitness, personal hygiene, and nutrition.
  • Teacher and staff education including topics such as first aid and CPR.

Phone Number: 818-847-3818

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