Cancer Care Testimonials

Because Cindy Moll's mother had died of breast cancer, Cindy began at an early age to perform a breast self-examination every month while she was taking a shower. She was only 34 years of age when she found a small lump on her breast.

"I first had a needle biopsy, and it came up negative," said Cindy. "But my doctor said we should take the lump out because of my family history." A lumpectomy was performed, and cancer was found on the lump's back side where the needle had not reached.

Cindy met with Shamel Sanani, M.D., Medical Director of Cancer Services at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. At first she hesitated when they recommended six months of chemotherapy and seven weeks of radiation therapy.

"I was kicking and screaming because I remember my mom, and how sick she was," Cindy said. Cindy did get nauseous and lose her hair, but she also knew the treatments gave her a chance to live.

For most breast cancer patients at Providence Holy Cross, their trials and treatments would end there and they would continue to receive periodic checkups only to find themselves cancer free. Cindy was not as lucky as most. In 2003 she found another lump in the same breast, and an ultrasound guided needle biopsy provided it positive for cancer.

"I thought, 'Oh my God, not again,'" Cindy said. "But Dr. Sanani said I needed to go through it again. He said ,'we want to keep you around. You're so young.' And so I did it again."

This time, Cindy had a mastectomy due to the aggressiveness of the cancer, which had metastasized into her liver. Under Dr. Sanani's guidance, she received a new chemotherapy treatment that could attack the cancer in both the breast and liver. This time, the medicine did not make her as nauseous.

"It was very important to find just the right treatment for Cindy due to the nature of her cancer," Sanani said. "We were all very pleased with how well the therapy worked and how few side effects Cindy had during this period."

After the chemotherapy, Cindy underwent a PET (positron emission tomography) diagnostic that found the cancer was gone. Two years later, her cancer is still in remission.

Cindy credits Dr. Sanani for helping her survive the cancer and gives much of the credit to Cindy's strength and positive spirit. "Cindy was always very upbeat and had a good outlook even when she had a turn for the worse," Sanani said. "She did everything she could to help herself by strictly adhering to follow-up check-ups and tests. She faced her issues head on, and it has worked out well for her."

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