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Los Angeles Police canine officer Steve Jenkins had an infected wound from a dog bite

April 02, 2014
The team withdrew and the officer was rushed to Providence Holy Cross, to the premier trauma center serving northern Los Angeles County. Later, the...

She spent the first 10 weeks of life in a Providence neonatal intensive care unit

March 31, 2014
At 4, Kaylee Chiang picked up her first violin. At 6, she played Carnegie Hall. You’d never guess she spent her first 10 weeks of life in a...

Emily thought she had come down with a stomach bug

March 31, 2014
One day later she realized something was definitely wrong, and her husband drove her to the Emergency Department at Providence Holy Cross Medical...

A Joint Venture

April 01, 2013

Hip and knee replacement patients get back on their feet faster thanks to advanced techniques. A self-described do-it-yourself kind of guy, Gary...

A Woman's Heart

January 01, 2013

Last summer, Rosie O’Donnell felt nauseated and clammy with sore arms and an aching chest. “I Googled women’s heart attack...

No Place Like Home

October 01, 2012

After being hospitalized for weeks with a bout of cellulitis that resulted in a deep leg wound, 66-year-old Burbank resident Jean Ann Mattis...

The Beat Goes On

April 01, 2012

One minute, 18-year-old Patrick Artner was driving down the Ventura Freeway. The next minute, he had passed out at the wheel, causing an accident....

Steve Jenkins Story

March 28, 2012

About four years ago, Steve Jenkins, a Los Angeles Police canine officer, came to the Providence Holy Cross Medical Center Emergency Department...

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