Robyn Willis had been suffering from Lymphedema

April 02, 2014
Robyn Willis had been suffering from Lymphedema for nearly five years and her doctors believed that treatment was nearly impossible. Skeptical of this, her sister decided to search for a hospital in the San Fernando Valley that could help Robyn. While surfing the web, Robyn's sister discovered that Providence Holy Cross Medical Center had a Lymphedema Program and immediately called to get Robyn enrolled. At Providence, our customized approach focuses on one goal - rehabilitating the patient to a functional, productive, and meaningful lifestyle. Five years ago, Robyn Willis was unable to go grocery shopping, take her grandchild to an amusement park or even walk around her house. Robyn was suffering from Lymphedema, which is a collection of lymph fluid that causes swelling in the arms and legs. The swelling occurs when a blockage in your lymphatic system prevents the lymph fluid from properly draining. Combining the latest in rehabilitation technology with a team approach, our rehabilitation services are uniquely responsive to the needs of each patient, their family and doctor. In September 2006, Robyn began the incredible journey that changed her life. The Lymphedema Program at Providence Holy Cross was tailored to Robyn's needs and included bandaging her legs, custom compression garments, and special massages, called manual lymph drainage. Through her rehabilitation, Robyn regained the ability to walk and lost nearly 180 lbs. While the lymphedema will never be fully cured, Robyn has learned how to take care of her legs and control some aspects of lymphedema. Even though she will have to bandage her legs and use a pneumatic pump every day, Robyn feels lucky to walk again and play with her grandchild.