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Welcome New Physician Liaison

Please welcome Krisley del Rosario as a new physician liaison. Krisley will be transitioning from her current role on the California Service Desk over the next several weeks, and expected to be fully in the role by March 08, 2013. Krisley is trained in nursing and has plenty of experience supporting our physicians when they have called the Service Desk.

Security for Providence Mobile Storage Devices - Flash Drives

Effective December 13, 2010, the IronKey flash drive will be the only flash drive permitted to store electronic data and files from the Providence California computer network. Protecting sensitive patient and business information is directly related to our Mission and core values. You will not be able to save data or files from the Providence California computer network onto a non-IronKey flash drive. By acting responsibly to secure these devices, we can minimize the risk of unauthorized access to our electronic data if these mobile storage devices are lost or stolen.

New VTE Prophylaxis Order Form

VTE Prophylaxis is critical to our efforts to reduce preventable injury and death. Providence Holy Cross has implemented a new VTE Prophylaxis Order Form. If you see the form on a chart, please take a moment to order the appropriate prophylaxis or document the contraindication.

Cell Phone Discount for Physician Webpage

Providence Health & Services offers physicians special discounts on cellular phone products and services thru AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless thru the following link: Cell Phone Discount.

If you already have service with one of these carriers, contact your carrier to see if having the service transferred to the Providence discount program saves you money. Some carriers require you to have a Providence email account. If you need one, please submit a request to the Help Desk at 818-847-3073.

Mandatory Electronic Signature started September 1, 2009

All physicians are required to sign their dictated reports in Meditech. For Meditech and E-Sign training, contact the PHC Physician Liaisons at 818-496-4631. Medical Records/HIM is also available for E-Sign assistance.

Accessing Meditech from your Home and Office

You can access Meditech, Stentor and the Providence Intranet from your home or office computer by going to You will need your ProvCare/Citrix or Citrix user name and password. If you have forgotten it, you can call our Service Desk at 818-847-3073. Installation instructions are located under Other Resources on this page.

Would you like your Meditech and ProvCare/Citrix passwords to be the same?

Meditech users are now no longer restricted to have their password formatted as six letters and two numbers (AAAAAA##). Passwords only need to be at least six characters, in any order (alpha numeric). If you would like your Meditech password changed, please call the PHC Physician Liaison. If you would like your ProvCare/Citrix password changed, please contact the Service Desk.

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For information about internet resources, access to Citrix, Meditech and other IT questions, please contact either:

Physician Liaison Support Line
Debbie Carpenter 818-496-4631
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