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Lockhart Family

Amber Lockhart had happily worked for years as a nurse in Providence Holy Cross Medical Center’s Emergency Department. She had a friendly relationship with caregivers from the hospital’s other departments, but she did not work closely with them and did not expect to do so. That all changed during the pregnancy of her second child.
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Crawford Family

Michael and Caroline Crawford were thrilled to be expecting a baby girl on November 1st. Caroline’s pregnancy had gone well, and they were planning to head into the holiday season with a joyful new addition to their family. When Caroline started experiencing contractions on September 18th, it was the first sign that something might be wrong.
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Curiel Family

Traci Curiel was late into her pregnancy with twin daughters when she went into labor, and immediately went to the hospital where she and her husband Mike had long planned to deliver her twins: Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. Mike is a devoted teacher and coach at a local Catholic school, and Mike and Traci were very happy to receive care at a hospital that honored their faith. And the young couple also knew that the doctors and nurses at Providence Holy Cross were nationally recognized caregivers, and they were happy knowing that, should anything go wrong, the hospital ran an exceptional Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
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Rodriguez Family

It was Thanksgiving week, and a trip to the doctor was the last thing Amanda Rodriguez wanted. She was busy with studies, in the midst of her third year of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She had three kids at home, all about to be on holiday. And she was happily pregnant with her fourth child, which had slowed her pace ever so slightly.
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Aguilar Family

When she went into labor at 34 weeks, Jenneth Aguilar was not happy. As a nurse case manager, she was aware of the health risks that can impact premature babies. Her worries multiplied quickly when the caregivers at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center let her know that she was facing additional complications. In addition to pregnancy-induced hypertension, Jenneth had suffered a ruptured placenta. Her medical team informed her that they would have to deliver her daughter, Angelina Louise, through an emergency C-section.
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