Facts and Stats

Some Vital Statistics About Our NICU and Newborns

  • Providence Holy Cross maintains a Level III NICU: This is the highest rating a hospital can have. We provide continuously available personnel such as neonatologists, neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists) and equipment to provide life support as long as it is needed. We are able to provide care to infants with severe but differing degrees of complexity and risk.
  • Our caregivers deliver an average of 300 newborns each month – about 10 per day.
  • Our current NICU is always at capacity. We have 12 specialty incubator beds and, on average, we have continuous demand from 12 newborns to be there. 
  • We project that over the next 5-10 years, our community will require access to 18 NICU beds.
  • We currently transfer 1-5 newborns per week to other hospitals with Level III NICUs.
  • We often have preemies in our NICU for 10 weeks at a time.
  • We are seeing a rise in the incidence of births at 24-25 weeks, meaning longer-term stays are becoming more frequent.