Building for Your Family’s Future

Providence Holy Cross is investing where our community needs it most – in expanded facilities, sophisticated technology and new education and training opportunities for our NICU patients and caregivers. We look forward to partnering with our community to achieve a transformation in newborn health care.

We are increasing our capacity by 50%: from 12 beds to 18

  • Our community continues to grow and we are committed to keeping pace with your needs. Increasing our NICU by 50% will enable us to meet your needs for the next 5-10 years.
  • To limit disruption, we have a thoughtful plan to expand our current floor plan in three smaller stages. 
  • When completed, parents will no longer face the prospect of their child being transferred to another hospital that is further away while mom continues to recuperate at PHC. 

We are upgrading to the latest generation of technology and equipment

  • PHCLittleMiracles3GE/Phillips Giraffe Omnibed Carestation: These sophisticated incubators provide a nurturing and protective environment that simulates a mother’s womb. It also can serve as a sophisticated surgical bay should the baby require a procedure within a precisely controlled environment.
  • Natus NICView Webcam System:  One of the best ways to give parents comfort despite feeling separated from their child is to offer a secure, password-protected video link that operates 24 hours per day. Parent decide who gets access, and friends and family from any location can sign in to see how baby is doing.
  • Timeless Breastmilk Barcoding System:  Feeding breastmilk to a newborn requires a few extra steps when they are in an incubator. To ensure each baby receives the freshest milk at the right time from their mother, a special system is used to properly code and track each bottle.
  • Bilisoft Lighting System (warming stations):  Preemies have hard time regulating their body temperature and many suffer from jaundice. The most effective way to help them is with a warming light bath with gentle ultraviolet therapy. 
  • Continuing training and education: Our caregivers are committed to providing the highest quality care possible. Part of that promise entails periodic training courses to learn about new technology and techniques that benefit their patients.