Gift Annuity

Does a Providence Fixed Gift Annuity Make Sense for You?

Your favorite Providence ministry is a prime candidate for you to invest in at age 60 and older.  The lifetime return on your investment is age-sensitive for one or two persons.

Consider an investment of $10,000.00 or more, if:
  • You are OK with consuming a portion of your principal during retirement; you would also like to leave a remainder gift to a Providence ministry.
  • Your health is good.
  • The risk of the consumer inflation rate exceeding 3% a year is low in your opinion.
  • You have appreciated assets that would be taxed upon your outright sale.

Funding a Providence Gift Annuity offers significant tax benefits – along with fixed and guaranteed income beginning at 4.4% a year (single person at age 60) and capping at 9.0% a year at age 90.

The tax benefits are:
  • Partially tax-free income derived from your previously taxed cash or earlier investment in appreciated property.
  • An immediate income tax charitable deduction for the charitable element of the annuity contract.
  • In the year of the gift you do not report any long-term capital gain, when Providence sells the asset. Some of this unrealized gain is paid out over the term of the annuity.

If you would like to learn more please contact:

BitzerRonRon Bitzer, CFP
Director of Planned Giving
Office: (818) 847-4673 or 
Cell: (310) 415-2796

Disclaimer: Please consult with your own tax and legal advisors, who can review any formal proposal for a Providence Gift Annuity submitted to you by Providence Foundations Los Angeles Region.