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Medicare 101

Providence Health & Services, Southern California, provides the South Bay and San Fernando Valley a full spectrum of care that includes leading-edge diagnostics and treatment, outpatient health centers, the well-regarded Providence Medical Institute, numerous outreach programs and clinics, hospice and home care and Providence High School, a Blue Ribbon college-preparatory campus.  MORE ​​

Your Complete Guide to Health and Wellness
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Classes & Events

From support groups to fitness classes, Providence provides the programs you need to live healthfully. View our many classes, events and screenings online or call 1-888-HEALING (432-5464).

DaVindi Owl

Robotic Technology 
So Advanced It Rivals Mother Nature 

A snowy owl can swivel its head 270 degrees and spot its prey from two football fields away. But when it comes to surgery, our new da Vinci® Si HD robotic surgical system can do much more. In addition to 1 million safety checks a second, the new da Vinci system offers 540 degrees of rotation--greater dexterity than the human hand---excellent visualization of the surgical area and a much higher level of precision, dexterity and control for the surgeon. For our patients, this means minimal pain, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery and minimal scarring.